SAMURAI Agent is your agency in Japan

What we can do for you.

These solutions will help your business in Japan and also global growth.

Sales agency

We sell your product in Japan on behalf of your company including help desk.

Headquarter / Branch

We build your APAC headquarter in JAPAN or your JAPAN branch.

Localize your product.

We support to localize your product such as shopping, support pages and so on.

Why you need to consider the Japanese Market.

Why you need to consider the Japanese Market.

Japan has the 3rd biggest economy in the world, so that also has a huge consumption power. The Japanese market is a good place to test your product because Japanese consumers have good behavior and will give your company high quality feedbacks for Kaizen (improve your products).

Further more, Japan is a small country and has high leveled distribution systems, so it is easy to sell all over JAPAN and easy to give product supports.

For those reasons are why you need to consider the Japanese market for testing or expanding your business to Asia.

Big economy

Japan's GDP is in the third place in the world, more than 4900 billion US dollars.

If you launch your product in Japan, you may receive a part of 4900 billion USD.

Just grab a Japanese Dream!

Good consumption

As you may already know, Japanese people are very kind and polite.

The Japanese history and culture make them so, and it's known as Wabi-Sabi, Kaizen or Mottainai.

They will give you good and high quality feedback to improve your product and business!

Easy to deliver and support

There are over 120,000,000 Japanese people live in Japan.

Even though Japan has a big population, its size is very small. So, Japan has high leveled distribution systems which cover all over Japan.

This helps you to deliver your product just in time and give Japanese customers cared support.

SAMURAI Agency will give you what all you need.

We help you to reach the Japanese market easily, flexibly and reasonably.

Work from tomorrow

Work from tomorrow

The earliest day we can work for you is tomorrow! We are ready to work for you! Do not waste your time and not to miss this deal!

Just say what you want

Just say what you want

Just let us know what you want to challenge in Japan, just testing, trying to sell in Japan or whatever you wish.

Affordable and economical

Affordable and economical

We work for you from 100 USD / day. You work much lower than you hire Japanese workers and build a branch in Japan from nothing.

Trust us for the Japanese market!

We give you low risked business chance in Japan. Start your business in the Japanese market today!

Price to reach the Japanese Market.

Sals Agency
From 3,000 USD / month
Headquarter / Branch
From 5,000 USD / month
From 1,000 USD / site

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